Respectful Tasks

Respectful tasks are equally engaging and challenging. They are purposeful and meaningful with a particular common purpose.

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that our aim is too low and we reach it.


"It's All About Choice: Respectful Tasks"

Elluminate Session Power Point, Jan. 11, 2012

This session featured a discussion of respectful task examples from Living Sky classrooms and an exploration of strategies. We would like to collect more examples from teachers and share them with others. If you wish to share your experiences, please contact us at Living Sky.

Strategies for Teachers

Strategy Collection 1
Strategy Collection 4
ASCD video & explanation

Curriculum Compacting

Curriculum compacting is based on the understanding that some students have mastered aspects of the curriculum before instruction. It is based on preassessing to determine which parts of the curriculum have been mastered and then planning so a student can move on to more challenging content and actitivities. It is a often used to support gifted students.
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Suite 101


RAFT is a strategy that offers students choice in how to express their understanding. (Role, Audience, Format, Topic)

Online strategies RAFTS
RAFT Writing Charts
Strategybank RAFTS
Learning through Listening


Think Tac Toes
Think Tac Toe Background and samples
Think Tac Toe Example 4
Management & Entrepreneurship Think Tac Toe
High School Think Tac Toe
Shape Up

Learning Menus
Middle School Learning Menus

Choice Boards

Choice Boards

Example 1

Tiered Assignments

Explanation and High School Samples
Best Practices

Cubing and ThinkDots

High School samples

Learner Profile Tasks


external image msword.png Triarchic Sample Tasks.doc (Number Five and Long a)

external image msword.png triarchic tasks.doc (generic)